Club Records

We hold a list of the best ever scores gained by our members while shooting GNAS rounds. Simply put, if a club member shoots a GNAS round during our club sessions, or at offical external compertition and scores higher than the previous record, their name and score enters into this “Hall of Fame”. These are PDF files, just click on the file image to open them.

Gents Club Records

Gents Barebow

Gents Compound

Gents Longbow

Gents Recurve

Ladies Club Records

Ladies Barebow

Ladies Compound

Ladies Longbow

Ladies Recurve

Junior Gents Club Records (aged 18 & under)

Junior Gents Barebow

Junior Gents Compound

Junior Gents Longbow

Junior Gents Recurve

Junior Ladies Club Records (aged 18 & under)

Junior Ladies Barebow

Junior Ladies Compound

Junior Ladies Longbow

Junior Ladies Recurve