Club Awards & Badges

Within our club we like to encourage our members to push their skills and gain awards for doing so. Along with our club trophies, our members can win badges for various skills and tasks, some quite easy to win, others harder. What follows below are some of the badges that can be won, and a record of the latest few winners of those badges.

Portsmouth Round
The most popular scoring round in the UK is the Portsmouth Round, and our club is no exception to this. The Portsmouth round is a real challenge to our members, and we issue badges depending on the archers highest score with a total of 21 badges to be won.

252 Badge Award Scheme

The “252″ Awards is a badge scheme to encourage accuracy and good grouping at all distances, by all ages. Using a full size target face the aim is to score 252 or above with a limited amount of arrows, and at a set distance (members of Wyke Archers Juniors are give some bonus arrows to assist them in reaching the score). Those who successfully complete a distance and score the minimum required receive a certificate of confirmation and can also purchase a coloured pin badge to attach to their quiver. By request we now have a new full set of both Multi Bow 252 badges and Quad 252 badges. Multi Bow’s are obtained by members who gain a 252 award using two different bow types, and the Quad is awarded upon gaining the 252 using four different bow types.

Standard 252 Badges

252 Multi Bow Badges

252 Quad Bow Badges

252 Badges Winners

Adult 252 Badge Winners

NameBowtypeBadge WonDateScoreOut of% of Max
Gemma TaylorRecurve Barebow252/20 Yd - White27/05/1826043260.19%
Daryl ColbyRecurve Barebow252/20 Yd - White01/06/1825243258.33%
Paul FongLongbow252/30 Yd - Black01/06/1827164841.89%
Clare JohnsonHorsebow252/20 Yd - White03/06/1825564839.35%
Gemma TaylorRecurve Barebow252/30 Yd - Black03/06/1826243260.69%
Clare JohnsonRecurve Barebow252/20 Yd - White08/06/1825743259.49%
Rebecca StephensonRecurve Freestyle252/50 Yd - Red08/06/1826032480.25%
Daryl ColbyRecurve Barebow252/30 Yd - Black15/06/1828443265.74%
Graham SmithRecurve Barebow252/20 Yd - White17/06/1838143288.19%
Alan ClarkeRecurve Freestyle252/40 Yd - Blue23/06/1825832479.63%

Junior 252 Badge Winners

NameBowtypeBadge WonDateScoreOut of% of Max
Toby MartinRecurve Barebow Junior252/20 Yd - White24/09/1736654067.78%
Caelan HerdsmanRecurve Barebow Junior252/20 Yd - White08/10/1727954051.67%
William WilsonRecurve Barebow Junior252/20 Yd - White14/01/1830643270.80%
Rob HanoverCompound Junior252/40 Yd - Blue11/05/1829632491.36%
Finlay ClarkCompound Junior252/50 Yd - Red11/05/1825832479.63%
Rob HanoverCompound Junior252/50 Yd - Red20/05/1828432487.65%
Hannah FoxRecurve Junior252/40 Yd - Blue08/06/1830943271.53%
Rob HanoverCompound Junior252/60 Yd - Yellow15/06/1826032480.25%
Tommy GrayRecurve Barebow Junior252/20 Yd - White17/06/1835054064.81%
Ben SmithRecurve Barebow Junior252/20 Yd - White17/06/1840554075.00%

Cake Baker Badge

A fun badge for our members to win this one, and very easy. Bring to a club session ANY home-made food cooked or baked by yourself and we’ll award the badge. We’re a family club, and who doesn’t like to have free food when you come to a club session? We even occasionally award a Star Baker badge too…

Cake Baker Badge Winners

Tracy Clark10/09/2016Star BakerChocolate Cake
Sam Rimmington30/10/2016Cake BakerCakes
Toby Martin30/10/2016Cake BakerCakes
Mike Ansell04/06/2017Cake BakerCakes
Steve Cracknell11/08/2017Cake BakerCakes
Caelan Herdsman13/08/2017Cake BakerCookies Mmmm
Ben Sheridan-Guest20/08/2017Cake BakerChocolate Cupcakes
Lynne Clark24/09/2017Cake BakerCakes
Lesley Martin01/10/2017Cake BakerLots of cakes
Hannah Fox23/02/2018Cake BakerMuffins

SAS Badge

Any archer who manages to take out the dead centre of the target face is awarded an SAS Badge. Not as easy as it sounds and our Records Officer is a stickler for making sure the arrow is truly dead centre and cleanly takes out the “X” for the badge to be won! Quite an achievement, and occasionally won accidentally by our new archers!

SAS Badge Winners

Hannah FoxRecurve Freestyle20yds12/01/18
Mick GaffneyCompound20yds26/01/18
Mick GaffneyCompound20yds26/01/18
Matt WilliamsCompound20yds04/02/18
Chris HarkerRecurve Freestyle20yds09/02/18
Steve HutsonCompound20yds23/03/18
Max EtteRecurve Barebow20yds08/04/18
Ella PreeceLongbow20yds20/04/18
Lesley MartinRecurve Barebow20yds20/04/18
Gemma TaylorRecurve Barebow30yds03/06/18

6 Gold End Badge

This exclusive badge is available to all members and is deliberately hard to win. Must be shot under competition rules with both the Club Line Captain and the Club Records Officer being made aware if you think you have achieved the minimum requirements. The target face is a 122cm standard FITA. Full details of the distances for bow and age groups as well as the complete rules for winning this exclusive badge are available to download.

6 Gold End Badge Winners

Charlotte JonesJunior (12-)Compound30yds18/09/16
Finlay ClarkJunior (12-)Compound30yds02/07/17
Sam RimmingtonJunior (16-)Compound50yds30/07/17
Ian ClarkAdultCompound80yds01/06/18
Hannah FoxJunior (12-)Recurve30yds23/06/18

Our Other Badges

We have a range of other badges that our members can also be awarded. Some for completing a task, some to highlight the member as being part of a subgroup within our club, some just for fun. They are all designed to keep are our archers striving to do their best and have a good time while they shoot with us.

Portsmouth Round

The governing body for archery in the UK is Archery GB, formally known as GNAS (Grand National Archery Society) and it is they who formulated the different distances, size of targets and number of arrows, known as rounds, that UK clubs shoot at. Most Archery GB rounds are named after British cities with indoor rounds using the metric scoring system and outdoor using imperial, A Portsmouth round is shot at our club in 6 arrow ends with 1 end (6 arrows) of sighter’s and use metric scoring where the inner gold ring is worth 10 points and working out from the center each subsequent ring being worth 1 point less than the previous with the outer white ring being worth 1 point. Inside the 10 ring is a smaller one called the X ring. This ring is also worth 10 points but the number of X’s can be used to determine ties.

Adult Portsmouth Round Winners

NameBowstyleActual ScoreDateBadge Awarded
Peter HerdsmanRecurve53411/03/18Portsmouth 530
Philippa WilsonBarebow33311/03/18Portsmouth 325
Philippa WilsonBarebow35316/03/18Portsmouth 350
Peter HerdsmanRecurve54418/03/18Portsmouth 540
Alan ClarkeRecurve49618/03/18Portsmouth 475
Jim DunnLongbow41718/03/18Portsmouth 400
Philippa WilsonBarebow43923/03/18Portsmouth 425
Philippa WilsonBarebow46806/04/18Portsmouth 450
Tony OstlerBarebow53613/04/18Portsmouth 535
Jessica HerdsmanBarebow35627/04/18Portsmouth 350

Junior Portsmouth Round Winners

NameBowstyleActual ScoreDateBadge Awarded
Max EtteRecurve31321/01/18Portsmouth 300
Charlotte JonesCompound53621/01/18Portsmouth 535
Rob HanoverCompound53725/02/18Portsmouth 535
Charlotte JonesCompound54225/02/18Portsmouth 540
Charlotte JonesCompound54504/03/18Portsmouth 545
Rob HanoverCompound54211/03/18Portsmouth 540
Finlay ClarkCompound53718/03/18Portsmouth 535
Rob HanoverCompound54723/03/18Portsmouth 545
Rob HanoverCompound55525/03/18Portsmouth 555
William WilsonRecurve42125/03/18Portsmouth 400