Want To Have A Go At Archery?

Beginners Course

At our club we are very keen to let anyone and everyone try their hand at archery (from aged 10 upwards). To that end we have designed our Beginner’s Course to enable those interested to shoot with us under fully safe coaching conditions. The complete course is held over a total of 5 Sunday afternoon sessions of approximately two hours per session at a total cost of £50 per person.

Taught by our Archery GB level 1 coaches (who are advance DBS checked), with all the equipment needed for the course provided by ourselves, we just ask that you wear reasonably tight clothing so the bowstring won’t catch on the sleeves, tie back long hair and do not wear opened toe shoes if its warm weather.

At the end of the course you will be issued a certificate of completion and invited to join our Club as a new member. We anticipate that after the five weeks and you will have passed the certificate and are at a stage where you can shoot safely with our regular club members who will be able to further help and advise you as you require, along with the club coaches who are always available to offer advice.

Archery is a sport that you never stop learning once the basics are understood!

For further details on what the beginner’s course entails please go to the Beginners Course Complete Information Page

Further information about archery can be found in our downloads section where we have downloadable pdf’s relating to all equipment, types of archery, stringing a bow, and shooting a bow, amongst others.

Note: Course places MUST be pre-booked, we are unable to accommodate beginners who wish to just turn up to a session hoping to be included.

Course Bookings for 2020

Course sessions are always on a Sunday from 1pm to 3pm

All courses will run over the Spring/Summer 2020 seasons (currently planned to start March/April)
Use the decletation of interest from below and we will be back in touch with you regarding the available course sessions

PLEASE NOTE: Our issues right now in the amount of ground water on the fields.
Our beginner courses are held during our outdoor season, which won’t start until the fields are dryer.
As you can tell if you walk on any grassed area right now the ground is still very waterlogged.

Once we get the all clear from Hull Collegiate School that we can start using the fields again, we’ll be outside and kick start the courses.
We appologise about the delay, but we are working hard to get into our outdoor season as soon as possible.

Course Bookings for 2021

Details of our courses in 2021 will be released as soon as we secure the relevent dates with our club coaches

Beginner Course Declaration of Interest Form

Please note: We are working to increasing the amount of spaces we can make available every month to new potential archers. Our main priority is always to ensure we coach safely and correctly, so our course numbers are kept low (approx 10-12 per course). We apologise that we must work on a waiting list basis if we haven’t yet confirmed the next available dates. Our available spaces are generally taken very quickly. Please use our contact us form to get your name(s) added to our waiting list. We need to know your name(s), age(s) if under 18, and if you are normally left or right handed as this helps us allocate club kit.