Club Items For Sale


The following are items the club has for sale to our members. These are either new items our club treasurer has for sale (i.e. arm guards, finger tabs, arrow rests etc), or surplus kit donated to the club that we can’t use. Once we build up a good amount of donated stock we create an eBay auction to clear it our and put the cash into club funds to invest in your enjoyment of our club. While we are building up donated items they are listed here so our archers know what we have and if necessary can purchase an item from our treasurer before it gets to eBay.

If you wish to donate a piece for kit, just hand it over at ANY club session to one of our committee.

Archer & Bow Accessories for Sale
ItemBrandHandSize/ColourSize/ColourSize/ColourSize/ColourSize/ColourClub Cost
Basic Leather TabPetronRightEx SmSmallMediumLarge£2.00
Basic Leather TabPetronLeftEx SmSmallMediumLarge£2.00
Basic Platform TabAvalonRightSmallMediumLarge£10.00
Basic Platform TabAvalonLeftSmallMediumLarge£10.00
ArmguardAvalonUniversalLarge (Junior)Ex Large (Adult)£7.00
X-Pert Arrow RestCartelRightStd£5.00
X-Pert Arrow RestCartelLeftStd£5.00
Spare G-Nock SmallEastonn/aRedBlackOrangeWhiteGreen£0.50
Spare G-Nock LargeEastonn/aRedBlackOrangeWhiteGreen£0.50
Items listed can be purchased from our club treasurer at any club session
Recurve Bow Limbs for Sale
Size on 25" RiserSize on 23" RiserBrandProductTypePrice
Complete Bows for Sale
lb and SizeBrandProductTypePrice
20lb/54"LyonsWooden Take DownRecurve Bow£40.00
Bow Accessories for Sale
BlackhawkCompound Scope0.75 Diopter£40.00
Avalon XtecCompound Scope0.50 Diopter£40.00