Payment to our Treasurer

2020/21 Membership Fees Payment Option

2020/21 Club Membership Payment

Use this form to pay your 2020/21 membership fees as detailed in the letter each current member has been issued with. These payments should be completed by the 22nd September 2021. Each member you are making a payment for must be entered individually as a separate transaction. Just choose the payment fee as detailed in the letter, add the name of the member you are paying for, and choose “pay now”.


Membership Fee Payment
Name & Surname of member

Club Subs Payment Option

Use this form to add credit to your account with our club treasurer. Just choose the value you want to send and it’ll take you to the PayPal website to complete the payment. You can credit up to 2 accounts in each transaction, just add who and how much for.

For example – to make a single payment, but broken over 2 accounts you can do the following:
Choose “Payment of £30” (i.e. for husband and wife), fill in the first “Name of person to credit” as the husband’s name – £10 and the other as the wife’s name – £20.
If you are making a single payment for one person, just choose the amount and enter a name only, leaving the other box blank.

For making payments of a different amount, just log in to your PayPal account and use the “Pay or Send Money” option.
Choose “Send money to friends and family”, enter the email address, enter the amount you wish to send, and use the “add note” option to tell us who you’re paying for and how much of the total if you are paying for more than one person. The “continue” button will take you to a summery of what you are paying, then just click “Send money now”. That’s it!


Cash or Cheque Payments

Our treasurer (or their representative) will be available at every club session to accept payments via cash or cheque.

Name & value to credit
Name & value to credit
BACS Payments

BACS payments can be processed simply by using the details below if you wish:

Club Account: HSBC
Club Sort Code: 40-25-59
Club Acc No: 50101214

However you will need to email our treasurer once the payment has been made and let them know how much and who you are paying for. BACS transfers do not create an automated email so the treasurer would not immediately know the payment has been made, and will not update your account with the money paid unless you email to inform them.

Email if you have any issues with any payment types or need assistance with a payment.